Footsteps outside the Valley

Apart from providing quality education here in the valley, one of the goals of our school is to reach out to places outside Kathmandu. We aim to go country wide and we have been developing the Mero Sangeet book for this. It is an all-in-one book which comes with a teacher’s guide that instruct the teacher what they need say and the topics they need to touch for every page within book. Travelling in rural Nepal is not easy and this book will travel where we cannot reach.

This year we are glad to announce that we are also working together with two public schools in Kakani
to form their music curriculum. We will have teachers going to and living in the village itself, exchanging ideas and knowledge with the local people. They will help with the overall education of the children in the school.

This new outstanding project is being run by our non-profit wing KJC foundation. Click here to go to the KJC foundation website and learn more about what we are doing with it.

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