Playing in a band: Learning teamwork

KJC is a hub of musicians both national and international. Nowhere do you see rockstars strolling about at ease as if it was home. We also have a built in  recording studio, manned by our very own Manzil Bikram KC, where some of the most influential musicians in Nepal have recorded.

One of the most popular bands in Nepal, who have tens of thousands of fans world-wide, 1974 AD, rehearse and record here regularly. They have a new album out called ‘Hazaar Sapana’ which has recently won the Hits FM ‘Best album of the year’ award. They also have a new lineup now, and we are proud to say that they are formed from a mix of former and current faculty at our school.

We also have fresh bands hitting the city right now with a mix of national and international musicians. Our international faculty Daahoud Salim is directing the band and he plays the piano in it too. The band is called ‘Müller Time’ and they play compositions directed by him. They are getting quite famous in town and are having sold out shows around the valley.

Call us at 01-553554 or write us at to take part in a band and form a combo here at KJC. There are many classes available that teach you how to play with other people and act as a team. Follow us at to hear about other opportunities and offers!

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