Visiting the Thailand Jazz Workshop

The Thailand Jazz Workshop is one of the string of annual events hosted by Jazz Education Abroad. JEA is an international organization, which includes many high profile artists like Dr. Gene Aitken, Mr. Jamey Aebersold and Mr. Dave Liebman.

This year the people that took part in a three day workshop we conducted got a chance to audition for a scholarship to go to Thailand and attend. Every year we’ve been sending people thanks to the sponsorship of Mr. Jamey Aebersold.

The last few years we have been sending two people on the trip but this year, there were some exceptional performances that changed our decision. This year we are happy to announce that we are sending three students over on partial scholarship. Among the selected were Prajolan Jung Thapa (Saxophone), Hson Shrestha (Guitar) and Sneha Lama (Vocals)

The Thailand Jazz Workshop has upwards of 200 attendants every year at Rangsit University, Thailand. Most of them are professional musicians. This huge gathering of passionate, multi-cultural people certainly conveys a rather unique atmosphere of inspiration and ambition. Everyone is practicing literally all day and the classes are till the late afternoon. Every day, the faculty finishes off with a concert in the wonderful auditorium inside the University .

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